The Benefits of HVAC Equipment Financing

Large home improvement projects can place a homeowner’s cash flow under 
extreme stress, especially since most people have not budgeted for an HVAC 

Financing options help bridge the gap between equipment costs and available 
cash, which makes the purchase process less traumatic and nerve-racking. 
The customer service aspect of financing also helps enhance the level of 
trust between the customer and the HVAC contractor, especially if the 
dealer is honest, knowledgeable and experienced.

Perhaps most importantly, the energy savings that result from replacing 
old, obsolete equipment can pay for a substantial portion of the cost of 
financing. In fact, replacing a 10 SEER air conditioning unit installed in 
the mid 2000s with an 18 SEER model can save up to 48 percent in annual 
cooling utility costs.

By financing the installation and purchase of your new residential HVAC 
system, you will stay comfortable while enjoying the following benefits:

- Fast and simple application process 
- Expedited credit decisions 
- No prepayment penalties or annual fees 
- Monthly online statements 
- Low minimum monthly payments 
- Periodic promotional opportunities 
- Multiple payment options including online, regular mail and direct 
- No liens are recorded 
- Current credit lines remain available 
- No points, fees or closing costs 
- No requirement for home equity 
- Fixed rates and monthly payments

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